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  • SUV
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Mazda CX5
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  • Per Day
    AED 321
    AED 135
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    AED 2,083
    AED 875
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    AED 6,429
    AED 2,700
  • SUV
  • Out Of Stock
Ford Explorer
Basic Option
Free Delivery
Easy Booking Process
Contract terms apply
Free Service and Maintenance
  • Per Day
    AED 310
    AED 180
  • Per Week
    AED 1,960
    AED 1,160
  • Per Month
    AED 10,714
    AED 4,500

If you seek an SUV Rental in Dubai, then make your choice from Quick Lease Car Rentals. Backed by experienced professionals in the industry, we are specialized in offering high-quality and affordable SUV rentals. Our up-to-date fleet features an array of SUV and 4x4 vehicles which stand apart due to their rugged look and higher ground clearance. These vehicles have also been kitted out with a range of accessories to provide you with better on-road performance and a superior driving experience. So, whether you seek a full-sized 7-seater or a smaller crossover, our diverse selection will match your SUV hire needs. With an SUV rental by your side, the options are truly endless, take your family out to one of Dubai’s many family-friendly attractions, or plan a weekend getaway to explore all that Dubai has to offer. Moreover, with plenty of leg and headroom for both passengers and the driver, the SUV rental becomes your perfect travel companion.

Our exclusive range of SUVs includes popular models from leading brands, including Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, and MG, to name a few. Tailor your SUV rental with your Dubai trip for an enhanced car rental experience. Each of the SUVs that we offer on hire is superbly maintained and is available to rent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with prices starting from AED 80/day. We extend our SUV rental service to not just individual customers but also to corporate entities that seek a 4-wheel vehicle for their day-to-day operations. If you would like to learn more about our SUV rental service in Dubai or want to book a luxury 4x4 car, contact us today at 800-78425. Alternatively, you can drop us a line, and we’ll be in touch at the earliest.

Why Choose to Rent an SUV?

Be it for a short drive or a long road trip, an SUV becomes an essential choice for those traveling in groups. From ample cabin space to comfortable interiors, there are several benefits offered with an SUV rental. In addition, you experience the thrills of driving in the vehicle in true style and flair.


SUVs are known for the extensive amount of cabin space it has to offer. Combined with plush interiors and advanced technology, both the driver and passengers can expect optimum comfort levels throughout the journey.


One can never undermine the safety factor when driving, especially with family or friends. Due to the sturdy and robust quality of an SUV, both the driver and passengers are assured of topmost safety during both short and long trips.


Arguably the best feature of an SUV, the spacious cabin, ample head and legroom, and boot capacity, enables an SUV rental to be a popular choice amongst drivers in Dubai.


One of the greatest benefits of an SUV is the performance it delivers. Powered by an adequate amount of torque, the vehicle can easily be driven over the hill and is ideal for all your off-road adventures.

Why Choose Quick Lease Car Rentals

Item 1

All- Inclusive

Our all-inclusive prices ensure you save significant amounts on your SUV rental in Dubai. We keep the terms and transactions transparent with no hidden charges.

Item 2

Efficient Customer Support

As an experienced rent a car company in Dubai, we offer an efficient customer support team to provide you with quick and reliable solutions.

Item 3

Free Maintenance and Service

From an oil change to routine maintenance, our experts will cover all the maintenance and service requirements for your SUV hire free of charge.


What SUVs do you have available for hire?

We have over 20+ SUVs from premium brands. We’re focusing on growing our fleet in variety to ensure we can cater to everyone’s needs. If you have a specific model in mind that is not available on our website, let us know, and we’ll have it arranged for you.

What about the quality of your SUV rentals?

As aforementioned, all our vehicles come from reputed brands that are the best in quality and performance.

Do you sanitize all your cars?

Yes, we ensure to regularly sanitize every vehicle in our expansive inventory, including our SUVs. We even conduct a comprehensive sanitization process before delivery, ensuring you a safe and clean vehicle.

How much mileage do you offer on the SUV rental?

Our SUV range comes with a standard mileage of 200km per day. Additional charges will be levied for any additional kilometers.

Do you require a deposit on your airport car rental service?

Yes. A security deposit will be charged on your credit card. The amount will vary for residents in UAE and tourists and will be refunded 30 days from the return date.

Customer Testimonials

As someone who has never opted for a car rental in Dubai, I was extremely pleased with my first SUV rental at Quick Lease Car Rentals. They are very professional and helped me at every stage. The entire process was transparent and smooth, so I was made aware of all the charges covered. I was offered the best SUV options based on our consultation. I look forward to continuing with their service as everything was seamless and hassle-free.

Mansi Rao

I visited Dubai for a short business trip and was on the lookout for an affordable SUV rental company in Dubai. At Quick Lease Car Rentals, I was not only offered an SUV that matched my budget but was also offered flexible rental plans. They catered to all my requests and so I would surely recommend them to someone who seeks a professional rent a car service in Dubai.

Sarah Jones