Rent a Car FAQ

Do you have a question about hiring a car or van in Dubai? Browse through our FAQ compilation to find answers to all your queries.

Who can rent a car from Quicklease Car Rental, and is there a minimum rental period?

At Quicklease Car Rental, we extend our services to tourists, residents, and UAE nationals who have the necessary documentation. And yes, we do have a minimum rental period, which is 24 hours from the time of delivery.

What are the requirements to hire a car from Quicklease Car Rental?

To avail our rent a car Dubai service, the hirer, if he/she is a resident, must be at least 25 years of age and should be in possession of a valid UAE driving license that is at least six months old. As for tourists, they must hold a valid International License in addition to other documents such as a Visa and Passport Copy. If you require further assistance, please contact your local Quicklease Reservations Office with your query.

What should I know about parking in the UAE?

No, there no specific procedures when it comes to parking anywhere in the UAE. Although parking is readily available, be wary of the paid parking zones where you need to pay the relevant fees through parking meters or the RTA app.

What about traffic violations?

Almost all the roads in the country are radar-controlled, and you should strictly remain within the specified speed limits and follow the highlighted on-road signs. Some of the common traffic violations within the country include dangerous driving, speeding, illegal overtaking, and using a mobile while driving.

What should I do if a breakdown or accident occurs?

If your rental car, like a Toyota Yaris rent a car, suffers a breakdown or accident, do not worry! At Quicklease Car Rental, we offer 24/7 roadside assistance to any location within the country. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, kindly do not move the car from the point of accident or damage, except in the cases where there is only minimal damage or if the vehicle is causing a traffic obstruction. Contact the police as soon as possible and remain with the car till they arrive. The customer is required to provide us with a police report so that we can claim insurance.

If required, we shall also provide a replacement vehicle to the hirer in place for the damaged vehicle.

For any roadside assistance, reach out to us using our 24HR toll-free no’s: +971-56-507-6010 / + 971-56-507-1077.

What type of license do I need to hire a car in the UAE?

  1. UAE Residents: UAE Driver’s License. 
  2. Visitors (on visit/transit visa) from GCC Countries: A valid GCC Driver’s License.
  3. Visitors/Tourists from countries outside the GCC (on visit/transit): a Valid International Driver’s License.

Is it possible to tow another vehicle using my rental car?

No. Towing is a violation of the rental agreement and is not permitted under any circumstances.

Can anyone other than me drive the rented vehicle?

Yes, an additional driver will be permitted to drive the vehicle for a minimal fee. It should also be noted that, if there is another driver, his/her passport and driving license should also be submitted during the time of the rental.

How can I locate the nearest Quicklease Car Rental location?

Based in Dubai, our corporate office is located near the Mall of the Emirates in Al Barsha 1. If you require any assistance with regard to booking, kindly contact our reservation office with your query.

What happens if I were to return the car late?

If the rented vehicle, such as Toyota Yaris rental car, is returned at a date later than what is mentioned in the contract, the renter is liable to pay the late return charges. The fee associated with it is directly dependent on the type of vehicle. If you do inform us beforehand about the late delivery, then you will only be required to pay for the additional day/days for which you had used the vehicle. In most cases, late returns less than 1 hour will not be charged extra. If the car is returned more than 3 hours late, then an additional day’s fees shall be levied.

Can I take the vehicle out for off-road driving?

All of our vehicles at Quicklease Car Rental, including 4-wheel drives, should only be used on regularly maintained roads. Off-road use is a clear violation of the rental agreement.

Who is eligible to take Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)?

Any customer who has a valid UAE Driving License, which is at least one year old, is eligible for CDW.

Will I earn bonus/promotional credit for past rentals?

Yes, as long as you provide the correct promotion code or CDP number of your previous rental, you are qualified under the promotion.

Can I earn credit in my frequent traveler program if the rental is in my spouse’s or traveling companion’s name?

No, the name on the rental agreement and that on the frequent traveler account should match to avail credit under the frequent traveler program.

Can I receive credit in more than one frequent traveler program for the same Rental?

No! For one rental, like when you hire Toyota car from us, you may only earn credit in one frequent traveler program.

Will my personal data be shared with other companies?

No, unless you have provided consent, we will not share your personal data with any other company apart from our affiliates and licensees for marketing purposes.

Is it possible to take seats out of the rented van?

No, seats should not be taken out of the van. If it’s taken out, then it is a clear violation of the rental contract.

Can I drop-off the vehicle at a different location?

If you decided to drop off the vehicle at a location other than what was initially agreed, then you might be required to pay a minimal fee against it. Kindly get in touch with your local Quicklease Reservation Office for more details.

What is qualified as a “weekend” rental?

Generally, rentals periods starting from Noon on Thursday and extending through to Sunday Noon qualify under the weekend rate, provided the car is kept over on Saturday night. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and if the vehicle is not returned by the end of Sunday, the customer will be required to pay an extra day’s charges.

Do you provide delivery and collection services?

Subject to availability, we do provide our delivery and pick-up of the vehicles in our car rental service to any location within the country.

Do you charge extra for airport drop-off and pickup?

Yes, we do charge a minimal fee to drop-off or pick-up the vehicle from airports.

What is Salik?

Salik is Dubai’s toll road system based on RFID technology. All of our vehicles are installed with a Salik tag, and each time a car crosses it, you will be charged an amount of 5 AED.

What is Quicklease Car Rental’s Fuel Policy?

When you return the rented vehicle, the fuel level on the car or van should be the same as it was when the vehicle it was handed over to you. If the fuel level is considerably lower, the hirer will be charged for both the fuel and service charges.