Car Rental Company Dubai
Rent the all New<br>Kia Sportage (Model 2021)<br>from AED 110/day Only!
Rent the all New
Kia Sportage (Model 2021)
from AED 110/day Only!

Exclusive Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rental rates
being offered for a limited time only.

Rent the all New Hyundai <br>Tucson (Model 2021)<br> from AED 90/day Only!
Rent the all New Hyundai
Tucson (Model 2021)
from AED 90/day Only!

Exclusive Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rental rates
being offered for a limited time only.

Car Rental Company Dubai

Are you in search of an affordable rent a car provider in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? If so, then welcome to Quick Lease Car Rentals, the most reliable and trusted car hire service in the UAE. Browse through our exclusive rental inventory and choose from a wide range of luxury cars, economy cars, and SUVs. We take pride in ourselves for providing the cheapest car rentals deals to both residents and international visitors who seek the country’s luxury lifestyle and endless sunshine. Although we act as a cheap rental solution to our customers, we do not cut back on the quality of our service.

Each of our vehicles is meticulously checked and maintained to ensure the safety of its passengers. We also render 24/7 customer support and emergency assistance so that our customers feel safe at all times. Take advantage of our all-year-around daily, weekly, and monthly promotions to get the deal possible deal. Currently, we have in stock more than 100+ vehicles from leading brands, including Chevrolet, Kia, Peugeot, and Nissan, to name few. Our rental plans start from AED 100 per day while our monthly rental packages are available from AED 1275. Apart from our rent a car deals, we also do provide a car lease promotion for both personal and corporate needs within Dubai and Abu Dhabi.For further information about our services, drop a line at [email protected] or call us on 800-QUICK.

Minimum Documents Required
Contract terms apply
Drop off Anywhere in Dubai
Free Delivery
Service & Maintenance Free
Free Service and Maintenance
24/7 Roadside Assistance
Easy Booking Process

Our Rent a Car Rates

Kia Picanto
  • Per Day
    AED 106
    AED 53
  • Per Week
    AED 680
    AED 340
  • Per Month
    AED 2,390
    AED 1,195
Peugeot 301
  • Per Day
    AED 110
    AED 55
  • Per Week
    AED 700
    AED 350
  • Per Month
    AED 2,480
    AED 1,240
Peugeot 208
  • Per Day
    AED 110
    AED 55
  • Per Week
    AED 690
    AED 345
  • Per Month
    AED 2,398
    AED 1,199
Nissan Sunny
  • Per Day
    AED 110
    AED 55
  • Per Week
    AED 700
    AED 350
  • Per Month
    AED 2,480
    AED 1,240
Hyundai Accent
  • Per Day
    AED 130
    AED 65
  • Per Week
    AED 810
    AED 405
  • Per Month
    AED 2,880
    AED 1,440
Mazda 3
  • Per Day
    AED 160
    AED 80
  • Per Week
    AED 980
    AED 490
  • Per Month
    AED 3,500
    AED 1,750
Hyundai Creta
  • Per Day
    AED 180
    AED 90
  • Per Week
    AED 1,120
    AED 560
  • Per Month
    AED 4,000
    AED 2,000
Hyundai Tucson
  • Per Day
    AED 240
    AED 120
  • Per Week
    AED 1,510
    AED 755
  • Per Month
    AED 5,400
    AED 2,700
Ford Explorer
  • Per Day
    AED 310
    AED 155
  • Per Week
    AED 1,960
    AED 980
  • Per Month
    AED 7,000
    AED 3,500
Peugeot 3008
  • Per Day
    AED 400
    AED 200
  • Per Week
    AED 2,520
    AED 1,260
  • Per Month
    AED 9,000
    AED 4,500
Infiniti QX 30
  • Per Day
    AED 450
    AED 225
  • Per Week
    AED 2,830
    AED 1,415
  • Per Month
    AED 10,000
    AED 5,000
Basic Documents Needed to Rent a Car

The necessary set of documents which are required to hire a car in the country can vary depending on whether you are a resident or tourist. Listed are some of the key documents which are needed:

Residents and UAE Nationals

Copy of Driving License & Resident ID

Copy of Resident Visa

Passport Copy (Only for Residents)

Foreign Visitors

Original Passport or Copy

Original Visa or Copy

IDP & License Issued from Home Country

Our Promotions
No Hidden Charges

At Quick Lease Car Rentals, what you see is what you get! Apart from the rental fee itself, customers will be briefed beforehand on additional provisions such as delivery and insurance that they can get for a minimal charge.

Exhaustive Rental Fleet

We have one of the youngest rental fleets in the country. From compact cars and sedans to hatchbacks and SUVs, we have it all! If you have a specific vehicle in your mind, reach out us, and we’ll help you with your requirement.

Cheap Car Rental Rates

We are proud to offer the lowest rates on car rentals in Dubai. In addition to our prices, we also offer lucrative promotions on a daily and weekly basis with which customers can rent or lease a car for next to nothing.

24/7 Customer Service

We provide a relaxed and professional atmosphere at our car rental center in Al Barsha 1. Dial 800-Quick at any time of the day, and our team of experienced customer support agents will help you out with your queries.

Why Choose to Rent a Car in the UAE?

Are you asking yourself – Do I need to hire a car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? There are several reasons as to why you should seek the services of a car rental company in the UAE. Loud, ambitious, and colorful, the country’s futuristic enigma attracts visitors from all across the globe. Whether you are resident or tourist, you will want to be independent during your travels within the Emirates. From shopping at the Dubai Marina Mall to evening stroll through Mussafah Park, having a rental car by your side will prove to be useful.

Based in Al Barsha, Dubai, we here at Quick Lease Car Rentals cater to all kinds of vehicle requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. You’ll also get the support of a team of professionals who’ll strive to make your rental experience as relaxing as possible. We deliver car rental packages and deals tailored to your requirements. Moreover, you will not have to face any payment related hassles when hiring from us. Opt for a cheap car hire with Quick Lease today and make your time in the UAE a stress-free one.

About Us

Our Services

At Quick Lease Car Rentals, we source our vehicles from the most renowned car brands in the world. Apart from offering a wide choice of cars, but we also give customers the option to customize them with attachments such as Bluetooth, power windows, baby seats, and more. Also, as our name suggests, we offer a quick and efficient solution to your travel needs within Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Whether it be for a day or a long-term period, customers can be guaranteed to receive the best price for the rental vehicle of their choosing.

Our Car Rental Packages

Short Term Rentals

Choose from our daily, weekly, or monthly packages for your temporary travels needs in the UAE. Emergency roadside assistance and 24/7 support readily available with each rental.

Annual Rentals

These are used to refer to rental terms of precisely 12 months. Customers are free to choose from any of our vehicles, and only minimum documentation is required to process the booking.

Long Term Car Rentals

We offer Long term car rental plans with a maximum time limit of 24 months. These are ideal for expats working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who would want a permanent solution to the hassles of public transport within the country.

Car Lease Packages We Offer

Personal Leasing

Make your travels across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a hassle-free one with our private car lease promotion. Not only will you have a vehicle of your own, but you will also not have to worry about maintenance or service costs. Leasing a car is also the most cost-effective way to get behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle for a certain period, without any worries.

Corporate Leasing

For businesses that want to ease the travel troubles for their employees, use our corporate car lease packages. We guarantee cheap prices for bulk vehicle orders.

Lease to Own

Do you want to buy a car of your own but do not have the required budget? Choose a vehicle from exclusive Lease to Own promotion and own the same at the end of the contract period by paying the daily lease amount. For more info, reach out to our team.

They have a very professional team, who guided me through the entire process, as it was something I had never done before. It was all done soon, and I immediately got to drive the car. The prices they offer are good too.

Liju Varghese
2019.11.08 Liju Varghese
has rented Hyundai Tucson

Our team would like to extend a huge thank you to Quicklease for providing us with a prompt service. It was a last-minute request, yet they were very accommodating. The SUV provided to us were clean and very well maintained. We would most certainly opt for their corporate lease plan in the near future.

Mary Mathew
2019.10.01 Mary Mathew
has rented Nissan Sunny

With Quicklease the process of leasing a car is very efficient. The staff also provided us with a replacement, while our car was sent for servicing. They also take care of maintenance. There are no hidden fees, and we only paid for what we’d asked for.

Michael Scott
2019.09.05 Michael Scott

We leased a car during our holiday in Dubai, from Quicklease. To our surprise they offered us a brand new zero km vehicle. Also, everything was done as promised, and we’d recommend them to anyone in search of reliable rental service in the country.

Gina Beesly
2019.09.04 Gina Beesly
has rented Mazda CX5

I’ve had a fairly good experience with Quicklease. They have a wide variety of rental cars to choose from and the staff were very helpful. I would highly recommend them for your car rental needs in Abu Dhabi.

Albert Fischer
2019.08.16 Albert Fischer
has rented Nissan Micra

Rented the car in Jan 2018 for my holiday's in Dubai they give Clean and specially non smoking cars I got a zero km car from it's a great service and no need to worry or follow Up on deposit it's on time before the time they promised well done Quicklease.

2019.07.24 Dodge
has rented Mazda 6

I came across Quicklease while browsing through car lease companies in Dubai. The booking process is easy, and they require minimum documents. It was my first time leasing a car, and I must say, the service is impressive.

Ravi Tandon
2019.08.13 Ravi Tandon
has rented Chevrolet Sonic

Rented the car in Jan 2018 for my holiday's in Dubai they give Clean and specially non smoking cars I got a zero km car from it's a great service and no need to worry or follow Up on deposit it's on time before the time they promised well done speedy

Dodge Challenger
2019.07.24 Dodge Challenger
has rented Ford Ecosport