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Rent a Car - Dubai Monthly Car Leasing Service

Latest Fleet & Unbeatable Prices

  • No cancellation or amendment fees
    up to 48h before pick-up
  • No credit card fees
    Transparency & best price guarantee

Rent a Car – Dubai Monthly Car Leasing Service

Latest Fleet & Unbeatable Prices

    up to 48h before pick-up
    Transparency & best price guarantee

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Rent a Car

Quick Lease Car Rentals is a one stop solution for all your vehicle rental requirements, including short-term rentals and long-term car leasing services. We aim to provide a relaxed and professional atmosphere in all our car rental centres, highlighted by a friendly approach and flexibility in our Dubai car leasing monthly deals with both customers and suppliers.

rent a car dubai

Rent a  Car Dubai

In the modern world like today, everybody wants rather expects independency in every walk of life. But managing and fulfilling all your needs on your own is not really possible sometimes. One of the biggest problems the working class faces every day is the transportation. Whether you have to travel within the city or have to go on a trip out of the city or even abroad, ‘how to travel?’ remains the biggest question. Despite having a car or any vehicle of your own, you can’t always rely on it especially when you don’t own a driver or have to travel a lot and that too for long distances. You definitely need a second option. A BACKUP PLAN! As there is no problem that has no solution in modern times so a very good and common solution is Rent a Car.

Yes! There are a number of companies that offer the services of letting you hire a car temporarily and that too of your choice and requirement for the amount of time as per your need. This saves you a lot of trouble and time. But the question is where to rent a car from? well, Quicklease Car Rentals is the best place for Rent a car in Dubai.

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car rental dubai
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Are you visiting Dubai in order to have with desert safari or to experience great shopping in Burj e Khalifa? Are you the inhabitant or the tourist belonging to the other part of world? No matter who you are, if you are in need of a rent a car that can help to pick you from your home and drop you wherever you want, you have reached to a proper and effective platform named Quick lease Car Rentals that is widely-known for its great customer services. We offer unmatchable solution for your all type of vehicle requirements along with the cost effective, relaxed environment and services of professionalism in nature. We believe in providing Car leasing services followed by the friendly dealing and customer-friendly car leasing monthly deals and packages attractive and perfect for you. In an attempt to rent a car, you need to pinpoint the kind of vehicle you would love to have, places you have to planned to move towards, the number of hours or days you need rent a car for, and these stuff can be done at our company named Quicklease Car rentals. We have been having strong relationship with our customer owing to the best deals, packages and dedication towards our clients. For that, you are required to make a booking for rent a car and enjoy with the best service. For many, searching and getting the preferred rent a car may turn out to be easy task, but what often creates problem is having a rent a car on given time. Along with the variety of rent a car deals and packages, you can have rent a car on time without any delay available at our company which offers short term rentals and long-tern car leasing services.

Once you get done with the car hire Dubai, what appears to be the 3rd concern for many of us is the price and rates of the chosen vehicle. Generally, rent and prices tend to be pre-set that cannot be argued depending upon the type of vehicle you want to have and the time framework available at our company named Quick lease Car Rental. In an attempt to offer incentives and comfortable environment to the customers for the car hire Dubai, we offer a variety of deals that are offered to make the car hire Dubai process, a cost-effective and affordable at our company. Even after everything, what seems to be the problem for many is the kind of car chosen as per the needs and preference gets not satisfied. However, here, we offer a multiple transport choices from which you have to choose of your interest and need to car hire Dubai from our company that offers best quality service. The choices consist of business class, group tours, adventurous-driven trips and much more. Certainly, you have to choose according to your likings, preferences and need and the most importantly, your finance resources and renting power. To sum up, we, as the Quick lease Car rentals strive to offer best car hire Dubai opportunities where they can enjoy while having fun and excitement with best vehicles


Choose from more than fifty latest car models


Quality Standard

All cars are prepped and maintained with highest standards of quality

Quality and style is never comprised at Quick Lease. With rigid maintenance and quality checks, our cars are prepped and ready always.

Our Policies

Comprehensive list of policies that help us and our customers to coordinate and manage cars


All cars offered by Quick Lease come with Road Insurance

Our monthly car rental plans offer you reliable cars, affordable rates and a must have road insurance

Afford your dream Car

When you rent a car in Dubai, the most important thing you got to worry about is the escalating rental and lease prices that make it impossible to lease a car that you actually want. With our flexible lease terms and reasonable rental rates, you can now afford your dream car.

Pick from a variety of Cars

We are always adding to our car collection. With us, you have the option to choose from more than fifty different car models that include Ford, Peugeot, Lexus, Nissan, Audi, Chrysler, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few. 

No extra charges

Unlike many conventional car hire companies in Dubai, we do not charge our customers credit card fees and amendment fees. Our process is crystal-clear when it comes to rental and lease charges. You only pay what you sign up for. 

Flexible lease agreements

You cannot rent cars or lease cars without going through the agonizing agreements that most of the time make it hard for you to understand the terms and conditions. You do not want to be stuck with extra hidden charges. We make it simple through easy-to-understand and flexible lease agreements.

Opt for long term lease with flexible time limits that include:

• Mini Lease – 06 Months
• Annual Lease – 12 Months
• Long Lease – 24 Months


You can also opt for lease to own at a reasonable rate to quickly get your dream car’s ownership. 

Unobstructed Assistance

Car rental Dubai services have never been so hassle-free. We at Quick Lease Rental Company understand customers concerns, which is why we make sure that you are assisted at all times. 

Standard Maintenance

We ensure the highest standard through maintenance and quality checks. Our fleet of cars at Quick Lease is always ready to be your partner on the road for an unhindered ride.

Ride with Insurance

We understand the importance of road insurance when it comes to car hires. Our monthly car rental plans come with essential road insurance to keep you covered during the trip.  


Rent a Car Dubai

Car lease Dubai

At Quick Lease Car Rentals Dubai we offer the following car lease option, namely:

Personal Car Lease:
Roaming around Dubai would be much easier with a car lease, its saves you the trouble of worrying about how to buy a car and the additional costs of maintaining it in the first place. Leasing a car is the most cost effective way to get your hands on your favorite vehicle for a certain period of time and not worry about anything else.

At Quick lease we offer:

Short term Car Rental:
Terms can be negotiated with the customer from weekly or monthly basis.
Annual Lease:
Term ranges for 12 months.
Long term Car Rental:
Long term lease can be negotiated with the customer; however the maximum time limit for a Long term lease is about 24 months. Quick lease aims to be best car rental service in Dubai and UAE thus our team is always ready to support and answer to any query enquired by the customers.

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