نصائح اليوغا في السيارة

Your Car Commute is Your Opportunity to Practice Mindfulness

You do not have to visit a yoga gym or be locked up in your room o practice being mindful. Moreover, you do not have to sit in silence, eyes closed, and cross-legged to meditate accordingly. Taking a drive can come in handy as the ideal opportunity to meditate and be mindful. Learning how to drive with full awareness and an open mind will not only change the way you view your daily commute but will also help you overcome the stress that is daily commuting. While the everyday commuting experience can be quite tiring and stressful, you can harness the power of mindfulness to stay positive.

Meditate in Your Car

If you commute daily, there can be no better time to practice your mindfulness. Operating a car demands a lot of focus if you want to stay safe. You have to pay attention to whatever is not only what is happening in the car but also what is happening outside. Being mindful as you drive allows you to focus on the present and view life as it is at that specific moment. Consequently, you will not wander off as you drive. Even better, it allows you to be calm and relaxed.

How to Be Mindful When Driving

It is not hard to be mindful when driving as long as you are willing to try and focus accordingly. The following tips and drills could come in handy to help you be mindful when driving:

Take a Moment to Relax

Just before you hit the ignition, ensure you take a few seconds or minutes to breathe deeply and relax. Settle your mind and prepare yourself mentally for the task ahead. This moment comes in handy to help your entire being to transit flawlessly from what you have been doing at home to the drive ahead. After you have settled in and gotten accustomed to the new atmosphere in the car, you can start your journey to the expected destination. All along, ensure you stay focused.

Take a Moment to Relax

Be Focused

Being focused is not only critical to safe driving but also contributes to your mindfulness. Keep tabs on your speed to ensure you stay within the expected limits. Keeping note of your speed is the best way to tell whether you are mindful or not. Moreover, be aware of your surroundings by watching the road keenly. Establish some alerts to help you back whenever you wander off or lose focus. You can, for instance, keep tabs on your speedometer or take glances at the side mirrors.

Be Empathetic and Compassionate

If other drivers choose to be rough and offend traffic rules, be as calm as you can be. Someone might cut you off, and you could lose calm and be angry. Try not to get angry or frustrated by taking relief in the fact that they could be in a tough phase in their lives.