How to Be a More Environmentally Friendly Driver?

How to Be a More Environmentally Friendly Driver?

Air pollution is an issue that is affecting all parts of the world. The carbon dioxide emitted is not being absorbed fast enough to keep the environment clean. The cars we drive play a major role in global warming and have been blamed as the major cause of air pollution. This has motivated governments and individuals to think of alternative ways to keep the environment cleaner and minimize carbon dioxide emissions as well as other air pollution. As a driver, there are greener ways to go about the problem without completely doing away with cars in totality. The following are tips for becoming the eco-friendliest driver.

Check Your Car Tire Pressures

When tires are under-inflated, they don't turn as easily, and more fuel is consumed. This is because your car’s engine will have to work harder to get them turning properly. Ensure every fortnight that your car tires are inflated to their correct tire pressure. It can save you up to 10% on fuel costs as well as minimize gas emissions. It will also have a positive environmental impact by reducing the number of tires that need to be disposed of.

Take Your Car for Regular Service

A car that undergoes regular maintenance will ride much smoother and more efficiently than a neglected car. Also, during the service, the emissions will be checked. If there’s a problem with any part of the exhaust system, it will be corrected so that you do not leave behind any harmful fumes as you drive. When organizing to have your car serviced in Dubai or UAE region, you must choose a reputable company familiar with servicing the make of your car.

Take Your Car for Regular Service

Allow the Vehicle to Heat

Driving a vehicle with a cold engine makes it difficult to burn petrol. By the time petrol burns sufficiently, the car will have utilized more fuel and released an excessive amount of fumes, further contributing to air pollution. To prevent this, park your vehicle inside a garage where it's warm and sheltered. Alternatively, you could use a circulator heater to warm up the engine.

Choose Your Routes Wisely

Drive on routes that do not have roadworks or congestion. If you get stuck in traffic, switch off your engine. But look well ahead, so if you’re stationary, start your engine again in good time so that you do not prolong the queue. Also, choose a route where you can drive steadily at a constant speed. This will minimize the amount of fuel you burn throughout the journey and, in return, emit fewer greenhouse gases.

Turn Off the Air Conditioning

Turning on your car’s AC can have a detrimental effect on the car. It’s enticing to blast the cold air in the car, but that will make your engine work harder and utilize more fuel. If the weather outside is warmer– open the windows for an hour before you take off.