Five Interesting Games to Play on a Road Trip

Five Interesting Games to Play on a Road Trip

Road trips are fun-filled opportunities to gather some amazing memories with your friends or family. With easy and economical cars available for hire, such as Toyota rental, you can plan a joyful road trip in the UAE. Various rental companies offer attractive deals for renting trending car models. The fun of these friendly trips is manifold when it includes exciting games and interactive sessions. Having a good list and preparation for various games is important to avoid last moment hassles. Here are few easy but exciting games for your next road trip:

Word Ban

A simple game that requires no props or materials for playing. As the name suggests, Word ban simply involves jotting down a few words and avoiding saying those words throughout the trip. Although it may seem easy, it can be a very funny game based on the terms you prefer to avoid. Knowing the common words used by your companions, you can suggest avoiding those words to make the game tough and even funny. Finding synonyms for the specific terms and using funny words with similar meanings will make the game more interesting.

You Are It

This is a more interview-based game. A person who gets the title 'You-re it' can be subject to difficult questions that they should answer honestly and spontaneously. The game rules can be altered and modified as per your situation, like you can decide few passes or alternate tasks to give some flexibility to the person. The player will have to choose their lifeline passes wisely to avoid serious and trap questions.

Number Plate Acronyms

This is more of a mind game where you have to immediately create full forms for the number plates that pass by. It can be really fun based on how a person chooses to reply. As you may notice, many cars and other vehicles throughout your road trip, you can easily play this game anywhere.

Things Starting with

Again a word game, this will indulge your general knowledge and vocabulary skills. You have to pick up an alphabet, and a category and each individual have to offer a word starting with that alphabet from the chosen category. The game ends when a player is out of words from the specific type. Then you may restart the game with a new letter and category.

Things Starting With

Memory Test

This game constantly needs you to focus on the game and the words been spoken by each individual. The game starts with a person saying some random word like a name. The players have to continue adding to the terms one by one but saying all the words spoken in the game, following the same order. If any player misses any word told by some other player, then he/she gets disqualified from the game. The terms have to be from a single and simple category strictly.