Important Tips to Protect Your Rental Car

Important Tips to Protect Your Rental Car

Although renting a luxury car in Dubai has become much easier, it is highly essential to return it properly after your rental tenure. However, the insurance coverage provided by various rental companies can help in reducing the liability that you may need to incur in case of rental car theft. On a holiday trip or vacation, losing your rented car can be potential dismay. Here are some simple tips to secure your rented car:

Be Careful About the Keys

Leaving the keys inside the vehicle can be the silliest mistake that can lead to easy theft of the car. Be it an urgent situation, you should make sure that you always carry the keys with you and the doors are properly locked.

Check the Doors

With the modern keyless and automated mode cars, locking and unlocking of vehicles have become much simpler. Various car models may consist of varied locking system. It is important to understand the lock system of your car to ensure that you lock the doors properly every time you leave the vehicle. It is equally important to keep the doors locked when you are driving. This is important to avoid any unwanted problems or minor thefts of your valuables from the backseat.

Use Security Features and Devices

You can ask the rental company about all the unique safety features of the vehicle you are hiring. There are also various anti-theft devices that can help in ensuring complete safety and monitoring of the car from long. You must clearly understand these features with an easy tutorial before beginning your journey in the vehicle.

Use Security Features and Devices

Keep the Windows Closed

Although you might have shut the door tight, if the windows are left slightly open, this can allow any thief to access and get into your vehicle using techniques easily. During summer, we may tend to open the windows to enjoy some fresh air and reduce the car's temperature. However, after you get down from the vehicle, check the windows to avoid any mishap.

Don't Leave Valuables in Visible Condition

While we might be a little careless about our valuable things when it comes to our rental car, it is important to keep them safe to avoid any form of a break-in. Leaving valuable items like money or bags visible through the window can attract thieves attention. Either take the valuable items with you are store them properly inside any compartment so that they are not visible to anyone from outside.