All You Need to Know About Car Lights

All You Need to Know About Car Lights

It is crucial to hire a vehicle from the best rental cars companies in Dubai, to enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable service. However, before approaching a company or renting a car, it is more important to be sure about your driving skills. Knowing all the regular parts of a normal vehicle is basic to drive any vehicle smoothly. Car lights are one of the most important elements that play a major role in ensuring smooth and safe driving on any roads. But often, you may be unaware of the specific purpose and use of each car light. Here is a simple introduction to understanding all the different car lights:


These standard lights are popular as low beam and included in all vehicle types. The use of these lights should be limited to a dark environment from sunset to sunrise time to avoid wastage of the car power. Headlights are also used along with other supportive lights when you are in a foggy or bad weather conditions.

High Beam

This is a supportive light to help you see clearly on roads along with low beam lights. It is essential to note that a high beam must only be used when the other motorists are at a minimum distance of 200 meters in front. However, high beam lights should not be used in bad weather conditions as fellow motorists will be obstructed due to reflected rays.

Fog Lights

These are special lights designed to be used in extreme weather conditions where you may not see the roads and things ahead due to rain, fog or mist. The front fog lights emit wide beams and help you see with better clarity during foggy weather. You must use the rear fog lights to ensure that the drivers behind are well informed about your moves and pauses to act accordingly. As the front fog lights are powerful, they should not be misused as they may impair vision for the vehicles coming from your front. There are certain fines and penalties for misusing these lights.

Fog Lights

Daytime Lights

Although not found in all vehicles, these lights turn on automatically when you activate the car. It acts supplementary and additional lights to bring the car in the approaching vehicles’ vision to avoid mishaps on the road.

Driving Lights

These lights are only included in certain car models and act as a support system to help the drivers on country roads and other difficult circumstances. They function complementary to high beams and should only be put into action when using the high beam lights.