Tips to Help You Drive on the Right Side of the Road

Tips to Help You Drive on the Right Side of the Road

When going or relocating to a foreign state in which the driving rule is the opposite, people from these countries find it challenging to adjust to the new right-side driving regulation. But, because there are solutions to any problem, here are some pointers to assist you in rapidly switching driving sides.

Become acquainted with the new driving regulations: Before beginning to drive, it is critical to understand the country's traffic rules and legislation. You can then go ahead with your luxury rent a car and drive through the roads of Dubai.

Keeping a Map

GPS works great, but sometimes poor signals interrupt your driving. So, keeping a physical map can come in handy in an unknown place.

Headlights Must be Adjusted

Make sure your headlights are configured so you may use them to drive on the right side of the road.

Knowing Your Vehicle

While traveling or shifting to a new place, it is better to buy or rent a car that you are familiar with already. If that is not possible, take some time to familiarize yourself with the vehicle. It enhances confidence in driving in public.

Hand Controls for Shifting

Regardless of the nation, all cars are built with the pedals in the same location. However, difficulties arise when using the opposite hand to shift gears. The driver's seat is designated to the left because the cars are built in countries with right side driving. It can be hard to start adjusting to it.

Practicing in Some Open Spaces

It is advised to practice driving in some empty spaces like a parking lot before taking to the streets. It helps in building confidence, which ultimately helps you stay focused while driving

It is common to become confused while driving in a new location, therefore, paying close attention to the road signs and signals is essential to preventing accidents. Several things, including left-turning vehicles coming up ahead, signs directing motorists to the right, etc.

Practicing in Some Open Spaces

Don't Rush

Take an extra hour to reach your destination if required. There will be various new distractions like mirrors, which will also be opposite to your usual conditions. Avoiding phone notifications like calls and messages is essential to stay vigilant.

Watch Out for Pedestrians

Pedestrians will not come from the left-hand side in a right-hand-side driving country. Remember that they will come from the right-hand side, unlike in your home country.

Anti-clockwise Roundabouts

Get familiar with going anti-clockwise direction while crossing roundabouts. Driving through at a slower pace than usual can help as well

Follow the Far Right Lane

For a new learner, it becomes crucial to remember that the "fast" lane is the left lane, whereas the right lane is the "slow" lane. Given you have a luxury car rental, you can stick to the left lane, provided you drive cautiously.