Top Road Safety Tips When Driving During Holidays

Top Road Safety Tips When Driving During Holidays

Would you like to get a luxury car hire Dubai and explore the city? While self-driving can be exciting, one must ensure following traffic rules to avoid freak accidents. Remember, driving safely is not just for your safety but for others too. Hence, over speeding, overtaking, and failing to follow traffic signals can be fatal on roads. Here are a few road safety tips people must adhere to in Dubai to avoid such incidents. Remember, not following traffic rules or rash driving is an offense in the city, and you could land in trouble. Of course, you do not want a lawsuit against you while on a driving spree! Below are guidelines to help you drive safely on Dubai roads and enjoy your ride.

Ensure Your Car is in Proper Condition

Do you service your car regularly? If not, it could have malfunctioning parts that may be unsafe. For instance, one must check their gears, brakes, and other vehicle features before going on a road trip. Remember, you would not find a car mechanic on your travel path and whenever you need them. Hence, it would be best to ensure your car is well maintained and functions properly before setting out. Dilapidated vehicles might increase the chance of road accidents, so one must avoid such vehicles at all costs.

Take Halts

If you plan to go for a long drive or to a destination several hours from Dubai, it would be best to take halts. Whoever drives the car needs to rest to avoid dosing off while driving. It would also be better to ask somebody else to drive the vehicle after going for a few hours. Remember, feeling sluggish or tired and still driving can be risky. After all, you have no clue when you would dose off. Taking frequent rests can help you rejuvenate yourself before sitting behind the wheels again.

Focus on the Road

While road trips are meant for fun and merriment, one must ensure not to be distracted while driving. We all love listening to our favorite tracks or gossiping with our friends, especially when driving for several hours. However, doing these might distract you and lead to accidents. It does not mean you cannot do any of these. Instead, you have to be alert. For instance, if you like putting on the music, make sure they are not too loud. Doing this can help you focus and pay attention to road signs.

Stick to the Right Lane

Stick to the Right Lane

Dubai has specific lanes for vehicles traveling at various speeds and directions. While it is likely to confuse the streets, doing s can be risky. Hence, sticking to the appropriate lane while driving would be best. For instance, you must stick to your left if you need to take a left turn. While this ensures excellent road safety, it also helps other vehicles maintain the exact alignment. Suppose you need to take a left turn, but you are driving in the right lane; it can be challenging to switch to another lane with many cars traveling at high speed.

Intoxication is a Strict No-No

Whether in Dubai or elsewhere, drunk driving can be a life risk. Additionally, Dubai has stringent laws on drunk driving, and most lanes have frequent checks. Thus, if you plan to have a glass of wine on your way back from your road trip, ensure you have a driver who is not intoxicated. Mostly luxury car rental Dubai also ensures that clients sign an agreement not to drink and drive before they hire the car. Such measures ensure excellent road safety.