Everything You Should Know About Rental Car Insurance

Everything You Should Know About Rental Car Insurance

Every rent a car company in the UAE are required to provide basic insurance for all vehicles. When renting a car, make sure to read the insurance policy included in the rental agreement to ensure that it covers all you need. These insurance agreements contain a lot of jargon and technical phrases that can be difficult to understand. The following is a rundown of the most common types of insurance.


The CDW, as the name implies, covers the costs of repairs incurred as a result of an accident. However, the breadth of coverage varies depending on the rental provider, automobile category, and contract terms. Some CDW policies cover the full cost of all repairs required as a result of the accident.


LDW can protect you from any unexpected costs incurred as a result of car theft or damage. It consists of a CDW and Theft Protection expenditure coverage combo. This will save you money on auto replacement or repairs if your vehicle is damaged by vandalism, collision, fire, or acts of nature, among other things. The amount varies on the policy of the insurance provider or the scope of service you have chosen.

Supplemental Liability Insurance


Different car rental businesses may refer to SLI by different names, such as Liability Protection or Third Party Insurance, among others. This service essentially covers the costs of any damage to another person's vehicle, property, or medical expenditures incurred as a result of an accident involving your covered vehicle.


PAI insures a set amount to the renter's next of kin in the event of accidental death, similar to any travel insurance. It also covers any medical or ambulance charges incurred by the renter or their passengers in the event of an accident.