Five Simple Steps to Stay Awake While Driving

Five Simple Steps to Stay Awake While Driving

Driving on the fast lanes of the Dubai roads requires ample attention and caution. However, prolonged driving during any long trips, early morning journeys, or night drives may often make you tired after a point. This may not only risk your own life but also pose a severe danger for your fellow passengers and other vehicles on the road. Simple activities like turning on the radio may often start being ineffective in keeping you awake. Here are few simple tips to stay awake while you are behind the wheel of your rental car:

Take Regular Breaks

You may be in a hurry and wish to drive at a stretch due to your enthusiasm to reach the destination or running late for some important meeting. This will only lead to fatigue and drowsiness due to prolonged focus on the same task. Short breaks at particular intervals can quickly energize your mind and release tension accumulated in the muscles through stretching and walking.

Eat Light and Energy-Boosting Foods

It is a well-known fact that heavy meals can easily make you sleepy. While driving, having an empty stomach can also be a problem as you may be tired and lack energy. Plan your meals before the drive with nutritional food items in small quantities to avoid overeating. You can skip the sleep-inducing salted chips or sweet candies and grab some healthy veggie salads with carrots, radishes, celery, and tomatoes.

Get Power Naps

If your body didn’t get enough sleep the day before, it is obvious to get sleepy the whole way on your drive. Using a short break by stopping the car in an appropriate location to take a short nap of a few minutes can help you instantly restore energy in the body. Power naps help in relaxing the mind and calming your brain cells. Having short naps after every four hours will enable you to drive along long distances.

Maintain Temperature

Maintain Temperature

This is a tricky affair! A highly warmer condition can be uncomfortable and also cause tiredness due to slight dehydration. Set the air conditioner to a temperature that keeps you comfortable according to your preference. Although keeping the car temperature very cool should be avoided, a slightly cooler atmosphere will be sufficient to keep yourself calm.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration plays a significant role in maintaining your overall body metabolism. It is essential to keep your body’s water level with the proper intact of fluids. While driving, you continuously tend to use energy primarily through a continuous focus on the task. Keep yourself energized and hydrated by drinking water at frequent intervals. You may also have some healthy juices and other energy drinks to engage your taste buds too.