Ultimate Guide To The Police Car Collection In Dubai

Ultimate Guide To The Police Car Collection In Dubai

Dubai is unlike any other place in the world, and if you have visited Dubai, you will agree with us. You may know plenty about this place, right from the desert dunes, luxury resorts, man-made islands, and glorious skyscrapers. However, this is not all. The city has plenty to offer that will amaze you. Dubai is getting more impressive with each passing day.

Apart from missing the things that we discussed earlier, you may also be amazed to learn that Dubai has police cars that are the fastest in the world. The police squad owns super cop cars that are hyper futuristic. Every head turns when the police fleet of stunning supercars hits the road. Just like every other thing that the police have invested in, they've invested sufficiently in their cars.

If you are fond of luxury cars, you can always get a luxury rent a car out here in Dubai. In this guide, we will discuss the various supercars that the Dubai police own. Let's take a look at the list below.

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron has a staggering speed of over 400 kmph, and yes, the Dubai police drive it. It is the fastest cop car across the globe. The car has an engine with 16 cylinders that produces 1000 horsepower in 2.5 seconds. No criminal can outrun a supercar like this.

Lamborghini Aventador

The supercar is a stunner and blows the minds of people with its speed and beauty. The car can speed up from 0–100 kmph in a fraction of a second and exceed 350 kmph. The Aventador has a V12 engine with an amazing 619 horsepower. It is the best cop car in the police fleet. The Dubai police receive plenty of perks. Driving these supercars must give them an accelerating feeling, just like driving their dream car.

Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is a 4-seater police car known to be the first and fastest in its class. It's a thrill to drive this supercar as it touches 100 kmph within 3.7 seconds. It has a body style that is unique and a V12 engine. When the Ferrari FF hits the road, it grabs everyone's attention. You cannot resist looking at it as it passes by. This masterpiece Ferrari FF supercar has the power to grab everyone's attention.

BMW i8

The engine is mid-mounted, and the plug-in hybrid has futuristic technology with an exterior design that is extremely attractive and sleek. This car is one of the top four cars most of the Dubai police use. The BMW i8 generates a horsepower of 357 and it can go from 0–100 kmph within 4.2 seconds, touching speeds of 250 kmph. This car has been in the fleet since 2015 and ever since has been a constant. The Dubai police force is very stylish.

Police Cars in Dubai

Audi R8 V10

This supercar is yet another car that is a topic for the police. It has an extremely powerful engine – a V10 that offers a power output of 525. This supercar can reach 100 kmph within 4 seconds. The Audi is a dream car and definitely at the top of our list. It is excellent to see the police driving their dream cars while at work. This situation for the Dubai police seems like a win-win!

Well, this is a list of one of the top cars in the police fleet. If reading about these cars has gotten you excited, you can always get a luxury car hire in Dubai and enjoy a thrilling ride!