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Ultimate Checklist for Your Next Car Rental

While Dubai is known for its infrastructure and wide range of public transport, getting from one destination to another may often be a challenge. This is especially because the routes are limited and may not offer easy access to your desired location. Therefore, most people choose to rent a car in Dubai. It is a popular activity among both residents in UAE as well as tourists. Though the process is easy, this can easily turn into a challenging process if you don't hold the required documents. It is essential to keep your list of official papers ready until your rental period is over, or else a lot of time will go futile in going back and forth. Here is a checklist that every rent a car driver must keep ready during the car rental period.


First and foremost, a required document is a driving license for any car rental company, and the user must own it at least for a year, and the age limit must be 21 years and above.

Credit Card

Ensure that the payment card you provide has your name on it, and it’s the same one from which the reserve fee was paid.

International Driving Permit

If you are a tourist in the country, do not forget to carry your international driving license from your hometown as few rental companies need this license to rent the car.

International Driving Permit

Photo ID

A rental company will always need your government-issued photo id for registration before renting the car to you. This is to verify the details of booking and safety return of their car.


When you reserve your car or book it, a voucher is generated and sent in your mail. Do not forget to take a printout or download it on your mobile phone beforehand. This voucher needs to be submitted during the pickup of the car.

Apart from the above-mentioned documents, there are other processes one remembers to note while renting the car. Let us have a look at things a customer must do.

  • Keep a check on the speed limit as it varies on each road.
  • Take the car rental’s details in case of an emergency
  • Read through T&C’s of car rental company policy
  • If the car will be driven by more than one person, register their name with the company to avoid any charges
  • If you want to cross borders, inform the car rental company beforehand as it is not allowed to take the car beyond the allowed city.
  • Make sure to take pictures of the car before starting, to avoid being falsely charged for damage
  • Fuel up your rented car before returning it to cut down additional service charges by the company.

If you plan to rent a car in Dubai, ensure to keep these pointers in mind.