Simple Guide to Understand Cars with Varied Boot Spaces

Simple Guide to Understand Cars with Varied Boot Spaces

Renting a car in Dubai is common, and it may be for varied purposes like commuting to your workplace daily or to a more spacious one for a fun-filled weekend trip with your loved ones. Various companies offer different car models with varied features like Toyota Yaris rent a car or larger SUVs car rentals. Apart from the seating capacity and driving characteristics, the cargo area capacity of the vehicle is an essential factor. Depending on your specific luggage requirement, you must hire the appropriate car model with the proper boot space capacity. Based on the cargo areas, there the following categories.

Average – 280-290 L

The car models like Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta, and Toyota Yaris have an average cargo space of about 280-290 litres that can fit in two to three medium-sized bags and cases. Although Hatchback models are not considered to have a wider boot space, folding and compromising the backside seating area can increase the cargo area.

Deep – 360-400 L

Comparatively larger in overall size, these cars have a deeper boot space to accommodate more luggage. Ford Focus, Nissan Juke, Toyota Auris, and SEAT Leon have a deeper cargo area with about 400 litres capacity. It can be a good choice for a road trip if you have a 3-member family or group. Still, these models come under the average but deeper cargo space category.

Large – 400-550 L

With a longer overall shape, these cars have a much spacious boot space to accommodate your different shaped luggage and other items. Apart from spacious seating areas in front and back, the cargo space is separately large with a capacity of 400 to 550 litres. Top-notch cars like BMW 1 series to Ford Mondeo, Toyota Avensis and Opel Insignia can easily accommodate around four large suitcases in their cargo area.

Extra Large – 440-650 L

Extra Large – 440-650 L

These luxury cars with wider cargo space but may cost a little higher compared to other large-size vehicles. With foldable and extendable seating areas, these vehicles like Volvo XC60, PHEV, Ford Kuga, and Mercedes C class have a huge boot space despite the seats being open. These can be the best option for your bigger furniture or other large product shopping to get it to your place easily.

Colossal – 700-1300 L

These cars are the largest among all and are popular as huge car models suitable for large families and long weekend trips. Citroen Picasso, Opel Zafira, Volkswagon Sharan, to name a few, comes with an unmatchable cargo capacity of about 700 to 1300 litres, to fit in all your long essential items for long journeys to different places.