Drive Safely in Dubai With These Handy Tips

Drive Safely in Dubai With These Handy Tips

We often hear the phrase, ‘Driving rash causes a crash.’ Road safety is one of the key priorities a driver must keep in mind. Driving these magnificently powered cars can be tempting and will definitely cause an adrenaline rush. At this time, we must apply breaks to our buzzing mind and remember the safety tips we read before hiring the cars.

Dubai is a beautiful country with tall skyscrapers and desert dunes. It is a perfect getaway for travelers who want to experience the thrills of driving on smooth, clear roads, like the racing tracks. Busy highways and constant traffic can be challenging for a naive driver in the UAE. Hence, he must follow a few handy tips to make their driving experience a memorable one, especially when driving in a rent a car.

Maintain A Speed Limit

Once you are behind the steering wheel, you must avoid speeding no matter how tempting the journey is. Speed limits are at every point on highways, and the traffic authorities have installed them for a reason. Drivers must respect these speed limits to avoid accidents causing damage to themselves and the people around them. One way to keep a check on the speed limit is to keep an eye on the speedometer and leave early for your destination to avoid any delay.

Keep A Safe Distance

Most of the time, accidents occur when there is no safe and proper distance between two cars. Sudden application of breaks by the vehicle in front of you can be the cause of the accident. According to the law, a driver must keep a safe distance of approximately three seconds from the car moving in front. Doing so gives you enough time to take action if the front vehicle applies emergency brakes. The 3 seconds safe distance rule is implemented to avoid emergency crashes.

No Overtaking

While driving in the UAE, one is bound to come across corners and crossroads on smooth roads. Drivers must ensure overtaking a vehicle only on clear and smooth highways. Although as per the road safety guidelines, Dubai does not allow overtaking of vehicles on lanes. However, while changing the lanes, a driver must keep his eyes and ears open to avoid a collision, causing severe damage and risking lives. Lane discipline is one of the best ways to follow road safety rules.

Avoid Low Speeds

Experiencing a car moving at a slow speed is very annoying. It gets the driver impatient, tempting him to overtake the slow-moving vehicle. Driving a slow car on the highways of Dubai is offensive, and one might have to pay a heavy penalty for slow driving. If you are the type of slow driver, then we suggest you take the back seat and enjoy the scenic view while someone from your family having an international driving license can take over the driving.

Use Seatbelts For Safe Driving

Use Seatbelts

One of the significant reasons for fatal car accidents is when the driver and those sitting in the back seats do not wear the seat belts. Dubai has made seat belts mandatory while traveling in a car. Whether it is a child up to four years of age or an aged person, a seat belt is a must. Anyone failing to abide by this rule is eligible for a penalty along with black points. One must follow the traffic signals and avoid any reckless driving when driving in a rent a car Dubai.