Five Ways to Avoid Car Rental Shortage

Five Ways to Avoid Car Rental Shortage

The idea of wanting to rent a car is a common feature in the UAE. Rented vehicles help you to avoid the additional headache of maintaining a self-owned car. However, rental cars might not be available all the time, or their rent might increase owing to its growing demand. It is essential to undertake specific measures to minimize your costs in getting a rented car in such cases. This article guides you to avoid rental car shortages and get them whenever you need them. Shortage of rental cars does mean unavailability of cars and the shortage in the cars individuals mostly need in UAE. Refer to our pointers mentioned below to understand the most common ways of avoiding such shortages when looking for a rent a car Dubai.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

One of the primary things to do before booking a rental car is to book as soon as you have a vacation or trip planned. Once you know the date and time when you need a rented car, you should book it. Booking ahead of time helps you to avoid additional surges in its price. Remember, the sooner you book, the lesser the price will be. As the date nears, the costs of the rented cars tend to rise. This rise is because, with the increasing demand for rented cars, the price will increase parallelly, making it unaffordable. Additionally, last-minute bookings can land you in the midst of a shortage in supply.

Adjust the Total Time Required

Companies that rent their cars to users in Dubai prefer to rent them out to individuals willing to take them for a longer period. More prolonged periods or days of rental agreements increase the rent earned by the owner. Thus, it is better that you take cars for a more extended period. For instance, you should try to complete all your work within a week instead of stretching it over a month. Doing this would help you take cars on rent for a week or a few days together rather than renting on different days in a month.

Rent During Off-Seasons

If you need to rent a vehicle for a vacation or a trip, you should plan them during off-seasons. Leased cars are rarely available when the demand for them is high. Even if they are, these cars have very high rent. Thus, you should always check for off-seasons and the rent charged during such times. Booking cars or taking them on rent during the off-season would ensure you get the kind of car you want and at a lower price. Remember, companies often slash down their rents to half during the off-season to ensure their income.

Use Car Sharing

Use Car Sharing

With the increasing demand for rented cars and its subsequent decrease in availability, most people in UAE, especially in Dubai, have started using car-sharing options. For instance, if you need a car in the morning and somebody else needs it in the evening, you can share the same rented car. In this, you only have to pay a share of the total rent because you have to share the car with another person. Thus, car sharing reduces the cost of rent and increases the availability of rented vehicles.

Compare the Rents

Several companies provide rented cars. Thus, you should cross-check the price of rented cars across different companies to know how much you should pay. Remember, there might be companies who charge you a lot more than the others. If you do not compare the prices, you would not be able to realize this. Thus, cross-checking the prices along with the car quality is imperative.

The guide mentioned above helps you to overcome rental car shortages in Dubai. Though there are several other hacks, following these would allow you to get rented cars at an affordable price whenever you need them.