What are the Main Reasons for Road Accidents?

What are the Main Reasons for Road Accidents?

A traffic accident is a situation that every driver wants to avoid. However, according to statistics, there are more and more accidents on the roads of Dubai every year. The main reason is the increase in the number of cars. But the catalyst is the inattention of motorists and traffic violations. To avoid getting into an unpleasant situation, consider the main causes of an accident.

Even minor traffic accidents are a waste of time and money. A serious accident can lead to significant health concerns as well as long-term mental trauma. It is also worth mentioning what happens in case of an accident in a rented vehicle. A clause on liability during an accident is usually present in car rental conditions. It states that in case of violation of traffic rules and the creation of an emergency, the renter is responsible. To avoid paying for rental car repairs, remember or save yourself a list of the main causes of road accidents:

Violation of the Speed Limit

Driving at high speed almost always entails consequences. This is not only the risk of an emergency but also the payment of fines. Remember that the renter pays a speeding ticket for the rented vehicle.

Violation of Traffic Rules

Any traffic law violation, ranging from overtaking in the wrong place to improper maneuvering, can lead to an accident. Ignoring road signs and traffic lights is also one of the major causes. Such violations can lead to serious consequences that will affect not only the car but also harm the health of those involved in the accident.

Carelessness on the Road

A car is a high-risk vehicle. Therefore, a lot depends on the composure and attention of the driver, including the lives of road users. The use of electronic gadgets, whether it involves sending emails or browsing social networks, is extremely dangerous. All this significantly reduces the driver's attention and leads to a slower reaction to danger. So, talking on a mobile phone reduces the reaction rate by 15-20%, and typing messages reduces attentiveness by six or even ten times.

Poor Vehicle Visibility

Pay attention to the use of headlights even in conditions of good visibility on the road. Always pay attention to the headlights' condition and the glow quality before you take the car from the car rental company. Always choose a reliable and trusted company that regularly services their rental vehicles.

Failure to Keep Distance

One of the basic rules of conduct in case of an accident states that in the event of a collision with a car moving in front, the driver of the vehicle following him is considered guilty. That is why it is important to keep your distance, especially in traffic jams.

Poor Road Lighting

This is the only cause of the accident, for which the driver is not responsible. But you can always reduce the risk of an accident by simply turning on your headlights.

Misbehavior of Pedestrians on the Road

This mainly concerns crossing the road in the wrong place or crossing an intersection at a red traffic light. Most often, collisions with pedestrians who do not comply with traffic rules are made at night. Therefore, drivers should take extra caution when driving at nighttime.

Bad Weather Conditions

When driving in fog, in heavy rain, snow, or ice, the viewing range is significantly reduced, tires' adhesion to the roadway decreases, and the car's braking distance noticeably increases. These are just some of the adverse weather factors that are common causes of road accidents.