Top Tips to Avoid Salik Charges

Top Tips to Avoid Salik Charges

The computerized system known as Salik is used in Dubai to collect toll payments from drivers who traverse major thoroughfares and roads to the nation's principal cities. When you drive through the gates, the technology immediately deducts the money from users. The driver does not have to stop and pay the fees when they cross the gates. One of the best parts of getting a rent a car in Dubai is you don’t have to apply for it. It will already be present in your car. Here are some pointers for keeping Salik prices in Dubai to a minimum.

Have Sufficient Funds

While this topic covers tips to avoid the Salik, there might be a time where you cannot avoid it. Either because you are unsure of the road or have taken it by mistake. Either way, it is also wise to have sufficient funds in your Salik account.

Know the Locations

For every trip you make through the toll gate, a charge of AED 4 will be deducted. Of course, this will add up quickly especially if you pass through them regularly. The final amount will then be reflected in your invoice when returning your rental car. The locations include Maktoum Bridge, Al Safa, Airport Tunnel, Mamzar, Garhoud Bridge, Barsha and Jebel Ali.

Make the Most of Off-Peak Hours

While Salik gates are charged 24/7 including holidays, if you are driving between 10PM and 6AM on the Maktoum Bridge, no charge will be applied. It is also free on Sunday. That being said, you could always take an alternative route, albeit longer, as it will save you in the long run.

Top Tips to Avoid Salik Charges

Consider Alternate Routes

If your route involves passing through the toll gate numerous times in a day, taking an alternative route would be ideal. You could either use the Al Khail road or Jumeirah road. Another option would be to use your GPS and switch off the Toll Gate option. It will take you through a salik-free route.


Car hire service in Dubai is the most popular and wisest option for people who wish to explore the city. However, no matter which car you hire, it is essential to know everything about the country's traffic regulations, especially the toll charges and the procedure for maintaining a toll account.