Learn About Some of the World's Strangest Rules

Learn About Some of the World's Strangest Rules

Whether you're a pedestrian or a motorist, following the road rules is crucial. It maintains order and cultivates a proper structure to ensure road safety and citizen safety. While they are in place and must be adhered to, there are a few countries with truly bizarre rules, which we have mentioned below.

Road Rage Abuse - Maryland

In Rockville, Maryland, cursing in public is unlawful and can result in a $100 punishment. When someone is unfairly cut off or nearly side-swiped by the vehicle, it's practically human nature to react furiously. Most people prefer to respond angrily out of fear of life and unfair treatment in these instances. Many of which end in individuals cursing in the air, however in Maryland, using swear words is prohibited and disrespectful, resulting in a fine.

Food Consumption - Cyprus

The lovely island of Cyprus has one of the strange rules prohibiting the consumption of food or drink while driving; if you are even caught sipping water while driving, you could be fined up to €85.

Alcohol Consumption - Costa Rica

Costa Rica is likely the only country in the world where drinking and driving are completely legal. The authorities will not hassle you if you look fine regardless of how much alcohol you have consumed.

Dirty is Illegal - Russia

In Russia, if a car is dirty, the owner is fined, and it could go up to 2,000 rubles.

Passengers with Drunk Drivers - Japan

In Japan, not only is it unlawful to drink and drive, but it is also criminal for passengers to ride with an impaired driver.

Always Be Lit - Sweden

Sweden has a rule that requires all cars to have their headlights on at all times.

Historical Importance - Italy

Italy is a country rich in history, which is one of the main reasons people visit there to see some of the most incredible historical landmarks. While visiting Italy and seeing and experiencing everything it has to offer is on almost everyone's wish list, driving through the designated historical zones of Italy is not an option. Driving inside those zones without permission is, in fact, unlawful.

Silence - Spain

Spain has a law where it's illegal to have the radio on at a gas station. You cannot be listening to music while filling up fuel, although it's unclear why this law is in place.

Belt Up Monkey - Massachusetts

America has a different set of driving laws that vary from state to state, but one of the most bizarre laws in Massachusetts, which states that anyone driving with the gorilla in the backseat shall be fined and receive a ticket.

To put it bluntly, all we can say is that we are a society that is constantly innovating and never disappoints. I'm sure there are many more of these laws to discover and investigate.

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