Why You Should Go For Long Term Car Rental?

Why You Should Go For Long Term Car Rental?

Vehicle rental is common in Dubai, making commuting across the city convenient and cost-effective. With a number of car rental agencies offering exciting deals for renting a range of economy or luxury vehicles, it might be confusing to make a choice. Whether you need a short-term vehicle rental or a long-term car rental, there is a wide range of options available in the UAE. Although renting a car for a short interval is beneficial for tourists, long-term rentals have a separate set of benefits of their own. Here’s a detailed guide explaining all the benefits of taking car rental on a long term basis:

Flexible Deals

Renting a vehicle for a long period can comparatively be a hefty investment. However, these rental deals bring in flexibility to some extent with price discounts and provisions to upgrade the vehicle at certain intervals. Although secured for the long term, based on the company policies, the customer will also be allowed to return the vehicle early. After the term completion, the contract can also be easily extended. Check the terms and conditions of the car rental contract before signing to know the extent of flexibility offered you get.

Customer Support

Professional car rental companies focus on gaining complete client satisfaction through better service and support. From the initial stage of choosing the perfect rental vehicle to instant support in case of emergency, having a long-term relationship with a car rental agency ensures complete support throughout the tenure. For instance, most of the companies offer round-the-clock emergency assistance to help the customers with any uncertain situations while using the rental service.

Exciting Loyalty Programs

Car rental on yearly contracts means having quite a long-term relationship with the company. The agencies tend to value and encourage customer associations for long intervals and offer various loyalty rewards. Along with affordable and highly cost-effective rates, these loyalty perks will add to your long-term car rental experience.


Rental vehicles are an easy way to save you a large amount regarding the depreciation costs involved in buying a car. You will only need to bear the basic rental and fuel charges for the vehicle. This makes car rental convenient as well as an economical form of long-term investment. The rental agency would bear the depreciation costs of the vehicle and offer renewal of the agreement with new cars whenever deemed essential.