Seven Ways to Prevent Car Sickness in Children

Seven Ways to Prevent Car Sickness in Children

Car sickness can be pretty disturbing, especially when you are travelling for long hours. Such a syndrome is common amongst most children, and it can ruin their mood throughout the journey. Thus, it is crucial to take remedies and prevent car sickness so that both you and your child can enjoy the trip. Car sickness can also create a permanent trauma of travelling long distances in your child, and it is crucial to deal with it as soon as possible. Remember, you can prevent car sickness through a few proper steps and precautions. For instance, choosing the right time to travel, feeding bland food to your child, and the like can effectively reduce car sickness. Here are some of the most effective ways of avoiding car sickness amongst children.

Avoid Stuffing Your Child with Food

Munching on snacks is a common activity amongst children, especially when they travel. However, overeating can cause nausea in children when they travel long distances. You must avoid giving too much food to your child, and this is because they tend to feel nauseous when the car jerks continuously. You must also carry light and bland food over spicy ones as the former is easier to digest. However, you must also ensure your child is not hungry for long hours as that might further cause gastric or acidity and make them feel nauseous.

Keep the Car Windows Open

Most people prefer travelling in air-conditioned cars. Though this is comfortable, it might not be healthy. Of course, if you rent a car in hot and dry places like Dubai, switching on the air-conditioner might add relief to your journey, but it can make your child nauseous. Remember, fresh air is the best solution to car sickness. Make sure your car windows are open, of course, if it is not too hot outside for your child to enjoy the fresh air. Car sickness can also result from suffocation if the windows are closed, and you must avoid it.

Keep the Car Windows Open

Choose the Right Seat

If your child suffers from car sickness, make sure you choose the right seat for them. While the back seat might be thrilling for many, it jerks the most and can make your child feel uneasy. The front seat might also be risky. Thus, the best seat for your child is the middle seat, where they can get a complete view of the surroundings and experience less jerking. Make sure your child is looking up instead of reading a book or playing a video game. Though these can be unique ways to keep them engaged, such a posture can trigger car sickness.

Travel During Sleep Hours

If your child has severe car sickness, you must travel during their sleep hours. Travelling during their sleep schedules helps in avoiding car sickness or getting nauseous. You need not worry if you are planning to rent a car in Dubai. The best car rental have a 24*7 service, and you can opt to travel at your convenient time. Thus, travelling at night, when your child generally sleeps, is a wise decision in such cases.

Carry Peppermint or Tablets

Several home remedies help your child avoid car sickness. For instance, you can carry a pack of peppermint that adds a refreshing taste to your child’s palate. Peppermints are pretty efficient in combating nauseous feelings. You can also use oranges or other chewable tablets that suppress nausea while your child travels. Though these tablets do not have any side effects, make sure you get them prescribed from a child specialist before administering them to avoid complications.