My Car Rental Tyre is Punctured What Should I Do?

My Car Rental Tyre is Punctured What Should I Do?

It's never convenient to have a flat tire, and it's often dangerous. A flat tire could be the least fun aspect of your holiday when travelling in a new city in your rental car. You can't call a family member or friend for help like you can with a personal vehicle, but it doesn't have to be a stressful situation. Follow our suggestions to discover what to do if you find a flat tire when walking out to your parked rental car in the morning or when driving down the road.

Puncture Of A Tyre While Driving

Most importantly, if you encounter a flat tire when driving, gently brake and pull safely to the side of the road. Avoid turning or braking too hard, as this can lead you to relinquish control of the car. As soon as you regain control of the vehicle, turn on your emergency lights. Turn into a side road or a car park if possible. If you can't seem to make it far enough, then pull over onto the right side of the road's shoulder. After you've reached a safe location, you'll be able to evaluate the problem better and determine your next step. Avoid the urge to drive your vehicle further with a blown tire, as this could endanger you and other road users. Additionally, you run the danger of causing further damage to your car.

Check For Damage To The Tyre

Firstly, try to figure out what caused the punctured tire. Examine the tire surface and border for any punctures caused by a nail, screw, or other pointed objects. The tire may be fixable if the debris is in the middle of the tire. The tire checkup will also help you make an informed decision whether the car is safe to drive even to the nearby destination or not. Now that you have cleared some air, you must check if a spare tire is available in your rental car. However, it is highly unlikely that a rented vehicle has an extra tire. If you happen to find one, then well and good, but if not, call your car rental, informing them about the type of situation you are facing.

What Should I Check

What Comes Next?

Your initial call should be to the car rental company after you've evaluated the vehicle. Most good car rentals in Dubai provide 24/7 roadside assistance to all customers in times of emergency, such as. At Quick Lease rent a car, we send someone over from our team to help you get rid of this situation immediately or they will tell you which garage to take the car to, where the tire will be replaced, and the rental company will be invoiced. However, some companies charge an extra cost, which seems like a good investment if you're driving in a new city. In conclusion, it is better to hire from a reliable car rental business such as ours as we provide help to you anytime, anyplace.