How to Drive Defensively

How to Drive Defensively

Driving a car may appear to be a normal task, yet it is almost certainly the most dangerous activity you will engage in all day. Even though you have no influence over the actions of other drivers, you certainly can control mind your driving. By taking a few easy precautions, anyone can have a safe journey. Before we get into a few tips for driving defensively, let's first define the term. A common assumption the majority of drivers have is their overconfidence while driving, but when it comes to their actual performance, many red flags appear.

Some are too pushy, and some completely exhibit contempt for all of the laws and regulations of driving. Statistically aggressive drivers cause nearly a third of all traffic accidents. Defensive driving, to put it simply, is driving in such a way that you avoid crashes and dramatically reduce your risks when on the road. Here are some helpful hints for defensive driving with your rent a car Dubai.

Know Your Car's Capabilities

The way you drive is entirely determined by the car you are driving. Every driver ought to be familiar with all of the vehicle's available safety features. For example, if your vehicle is equipped with mass-market brakes and radials, maneuvering through traffic that can be done with a sports car is very difficult.

In addition, oil changes and fluid checks on a regular basis might help you avoid unexpected failures on the road. If your automobile breaks down on a crowded highway or interstate, the National Safety Council recommends pulling over into the breakdown lane if at all possible. Keep in mind to utilize turn signals on account of heavy traffic.

Avoid Tailgating

Nowadays, tailgating has become a common cause of accidents. As a general guideline, one should always keep a safe distance between two vehicles. It is a legal requirement in the UAE and has also been proven to avoid any accidents happening. Always stay at least a couple of car lengths distance between other drivers and yourself on motorways.

Observe Specified Speed Limit

The majority of current automobiles now manufactured have engines with robust horsepower. Unfortunately, most aggressive drivers are in the habit of exceeding the posted speed limit. Stick to the permitted limit of driving on highways to keep yourself and those around you safe. Furthermore, adhering to mentioned speed limits helps improve the fuel efficiency of your car.

Stay Within the Permitted Speed Limit

Stay Attentive On The Road

A competent defensive driver learns to keep his eyes on the road and avoid becoming distracted. Distractions include the usage of cell phones, the car's navigation system, and anything else that takes your attention away from driving. Moreover, put yourself at ease when getting ready to drive; adjust your seatbelt or back mirror before leaving, so no adjustments are required throughout the ride.

Assess Driving Blind Spots

Blind spots are basically the spaces your vehicle has that you can't see, even with mirrors, when driving. So, while attempting to turn to a different lane, failing to spot a car causes accident. Besides, keep in mind that drivers have similar problems with blind spots, so it's always best to keep a safe distance from other vehicles and drive at a comfortable speed.