Handy Guide for Novice Right-Hand Drivers

Handy Guide for Novice Right-Hand Drivers

A journey to a foreign country is always exciting but traveling becomes easier if you have a driver's license. However, one stumbling block that makes drivers uneasy is that they are frequently traveling from countries with differing driving standards. One of them is a right-hand drive. The majority of individuals have developed the habit of driving on the "wrong" side of the road. This is among the key reasons why many foreigners find driving in Dubai challenging. Not only do you drive on the right side, but all of the car's functions are on the left. With so much on your plate already, including city and highway driving rules, driving etiquette, and new and unknown scenery, we thought we'd offer our expertise to assist you in this situation. To make your vacation to Dubai more enjoyable, we've put together a set of easy rules to assist you in understanding right-hand driving of your car rental.

Become Acquainted With The Vehicle

The first thing a new driver should do is familiarize themselves with the vehicle's functions and controls. It's extremely likely that if you understand how your car works, you'll be able to control it effectively. To do so, take your vehicle for a short drive to a faraway location, such as an empty parking lot or a road in a remote area with no traffic or pedestrians at risk of being hit by your negligence. When you understand your vehicle, you'll feel more confident, and the chances of an accident while driving under duress will be reduced. A few regular spins in your car will make you perfect by the time you hit the main road.

Don't Engage In Dangerous Stunts

Driving in Dubai exposes you to multiple motorways and tight traffic restrictions, and even a slight error might result in a penalty. As a result, it is recommended that you get comfortable in your vehicle before driving on highways. Even if you are a seasoned driver, you should avoid attempting any unsafe maneuvers because they are dangerous for both you and your fellow drivers.

Pedals And Gear Shifts

The shift patterns and pedal configuration are the same in right-hand drive cars. The only thing that will feel strange at first is shifting the lever to the opposite side of the car instead of bringing it near to your knee to shift into the first gear if you are driving a manual car. After a few practice drives, you'll get used to it.

Wipers And Indicators

This will most likely be your biggest aggravation if you switch back and forth between LHD and RHD cars because you'll keep turning on the wipers instead of the blinkers while using the wrong hand to indicate a turn. But don't worry because this isn't a significant setback; you can always train your memory muscles to remember to use the proper side of the vehicle for the indicators and wipers.

Avoid Performing Stunts with Your Car

How Can Your Passengers Help You?

If you are lucky enough to be driving with a passenger, they can help you with a couple of things. When it comes to road maps, looking out for automobiles when changing lanes, or changing radio stations, a passenger can help. In conjunction with all of this, they can be leveraged as an extra set of eyes to assist you with parallel parking or reversing.

Look Out For Pedestrians

It is fairly common for pedestrians to appear out of nowhere when traveling on a highway or internal road. Make it a practice to look to your left and right when driving, especially if you're in a residential neighborhood. It will aid in the prevention of any unforeseen mishaps.

Use Side Mirrors Wisely

When driving a right-hand automobile, the passenger-side mirror is more important to check to avoid missing any blind spots while changing lanes or reversing, which is not the case when driving a left-hand car.

Left Hand Overtake

In contrast to other countries, where vehicles overtake on the right, in Dubai, they overtake on the left. This rule is a must to keep in mind at all times. On the highway, you'll frequently come across huge vehicles, so be careful when overtaking them.

You Must Be Aware Of The Driving Laws

The rules of the road change in Dubai, when crossing a roundabout. As a result, keep in mind that roundabouts are operated counterclockwise, so you must give way to vehicles approaching from the left.

So, If you are driving a rented car in Dubai, you must follow certain RHD car rules, which are essential for your safety and a great driving experience.