قد تبدو القيادة بيد واحدة رائعة، أليس كذلك؟

Driving With One Hand Might Feel Cool, But Is It?

While many follow their action heroes and stars do scenes driving with one hand, it also is technically for the ease of the recording, the camera placement, and sometimes to give an edge to the fictional, exaggerated larger than life character of the hero. On the other hand, research indicates that millions of people have been involved in motor vehicle accidents because they drove with one hand. It may seem cool, but it really isn't when you take such a dangerous chance on your life. You can drive around jolting a bit on speed in a metropolis like Dubai due to its speed limitations. Therefore, daily rent a car Dubai company asks everybody, especially their users, to drive carefully since low cost rent a car Dubai is the new way to go around the city for most of the population. Following are the points to comprehend whether driving with one hand is cool or dangerous.

Playing Cool

Gaining happiness for a short time can pose a danger in the long run. We've often seen busy-bees of the city eat and drive at once, during which one hand controls the steering the other has food. This is highly dangerous and has caused many accidents. Say you have to change the gear, or the car upfront suddenly stopped, and you can either swerve or stop right then. You will need both your hands to control your beast.

Lane Control

While drinking any beverage, lane control can be messed up. Drinking a beverage makes it harder to stay on the lane. The driver mustn't be distracted mentally or physically while driving. One should ensure that they are not driving in the lane of another driver.



The hand on the wheel needs to be in the nine and three positions for a reason. Hands are positioned according to the airbags in case of an accident. In case of an accident, the airbags are likely to be compromised. It is possible to injury the hands if the hands are laid on airbags. The hands must be in the indicated position. Airbags have saved many people’s lives during accidents.

Lose Control

Any emergency can occur while driving a car. A person who drives with one hand is more likely to lose control of the wheel. A driver who is eating, drinking, or using their phones with one hand while driving with the other is most likely to meet with an accident. A road full of vehicles is unpredictable. Maybe pedestrians in a rush can run in front of your car to cross the road. Therefore, it is necessary that the hands are on the wheel and not sipping, eating, or using any phone. If both hands are on the wheel, the driver will be completely in control to deal with such situations.