Answered: The Not-So Commonly Asked Car Rental Questions

Answered: The Not-So Commonly Asked Car Rental Questions

Renting a car is a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes of your time. On the other hand, conducting comprehensive research to select the best car rental company is more crucial. At Quick Lease rent a car in Dubai we provide personalized services and the option to choose from an extensive car inventory of luxury and economy cars to satisfy the demands of every customer. Apart from frequently asked questions about charges, concierge services, payment methods, car selection, mileage, insurance, time limitations, pick-up and delivery, deal upgrades, and anything else that comes to mind right away, what customers forget to ask are some of the less frequently asked questions that can be just as important as common questions. We'll highlight a few questions that aren't usually asked and answer to them in this section:

Is It Likely to Drive My Rental Car Off-Road?

Whether driving an SUV or a Lamborghini feels like we do not allow it when you rent a car from us. Furthermore, when you decide to take your vehicle off-road, your car rental insurance may be invalidated, leaving you with a large bill in the event of damage.

Without A Driver's License, Can I Rent A Car?

It is compulsory for you to be a qualified and licensed driver to hire a vehicle from Quick Lease, Rent a Car, or any other approved car hire business in the UAE. Residents of the UAE must have a valid driver's license that should be six months old. Tourists will need a valid international driving permit and a six-month-old driver's license from their home country. Other documents required are a tourist's visa copy, a passport copy, and an ID copy for UAE nationals.

Can I Hire a Car without a Driving License?

Is It Possible To Rent A Car Without Putting Down A Deposit?

Regardless of the vehicle you choose, a security deposit is required. The actual cost depends on the sort of car you want to rent and might range from 1000 AED to several thousand AED. We keep the deposit on file for the rental duration and refund it when the vehicle is reclaimed. Any fines or repair fees incurred by the car will be deducted from the deposit amount. Customers have the option of paying their security deposits with credit or debit cards.

Am I Allowed To Travel With My Pet?

If you rent a vehicle from us, you are allowed to take your pet on your trip, as we recognize your pet as a part of your family. However, we request that you keep the vehicle protected and intact, which would not be an issue if you are traveling with a well-trained associate.