Most suitable luxury rental cars in Dubai for business executives

Everyone has their own taste in cars. Some people are fond of muscle and power, they like to hear the sound of the engine when it passes through traffic. The quiet ones like to relax in their chauffeur driven cars with minimum sound so they can concentrate on important business things. The streets of Dubai are filled with all kinds of vehicles. Middle East was the biggest market for luxury cars in the world. Every luxury car manufacturer from the world has marketed their automobiles in Middle East, which has paid off well. Expats and locals own these luxury vehicles, while tourists and those living in Dubai for shorter periods of time like to rent cars in Dubai. Here are the top picks for luxury car rentals in Dubai.

Mercedes S & C Class

The Mercedes has always been a symbol of luxury. The German brand is known for its engineering excellence and has a history of producing top selling models. The new C-Class Mercedes is a cost effective version and is more popular with people who want to rent a car in Dubai. The S-Class however is the top end Mercedes and is higher in price if you want to rent it out.

BMW 7 Series and X6

Another German manufacturer that is quite popular among business executives. The BMW 7 Series is a close contender to the S-Class Mercedes in terms of price and luxury. Both cars are equally adored by car enthusiasts and buyers in the sedan classification. Several high end car rental companies in Dubai offer chauffeur driven 7 Series BMWs. The X6 is the latest SUV BMW has to offer. Although it isn’t available for rentals that easily but when it comes to executive cars, a lot of business professionals like the X6.

Audi A4

Audi has a remarkable luxury sedan product lineup. The Audi A4 continues to be one of the most favorite rental cars in Dubai due to its design, sophistication and technology. The Audi A4 is easily available for rent throughout Dubai and is quite popular among business executives who are flying in to Dubai on a short business trip. The excellent interior, engine and exterior design makes it easily rival other German and Italian luxury brands.

Volvo S60

If you are looking for a smooth handling car with advanced features and interior, this is your choice. For short business trips to Dubai where you need to move around the city with comfort, ask your rent a car company for a Volvo S60. Volvo is rivalled by the Mercedes C class and the BMW 3 series. It will cost you less than the other brands on this list but surely match the level of comfort and style. Like said above, every person has their own taste in cars. There are several other choices for car rentals in Dubai which are expensive and might offer you more gizmos inside, but the above mentioned ones are the most common rental cars in Dubai.

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