The right time to lease a car in Dubai

When it comes to finding a permanent solution for your daily transportation needs, there are a lot of options available; however, leasing a car usually sounds like an easy choice. Most travelers usually opt for leasing car instead of buying one mainly because it costs less and allows you to acquire your favorite car without any delay. However, before you spend any of your hard earned cash, make sure that you understand if it’s the right to lease a car.

When is the right time to lease a car?

Industry experts recommend that you lease a car as soon as the new model of a vehicle is launched in the market. Experts suggest that when a new vehicle comes out its residue value is the highest, which reduces depreciation cost. If you lease a car after a specific model has been out for a while, you will be paying the extra money worth each year’s depreciation. However, before leasing a car in Dubai, consider the following things:
  • Understand your cash flow:

    Before you make up your mind to lease or rent a car in Dubai, it is important to understand your financial health. Many people make the gruesome mistake of not considering their financial health at the time of leasing a car and later regret their decision because they cannot make the payments on time. So, before you get all excited about your favorite car’s new model, make sure that you have a thorough understanding of your financials.
  • Keep an eye on discounted deals:

    Many car hire Dubai companies offer seasonal discounted deals that can help you save a lot of money. The only problem is that you have to keep an eye on these deals to make sure that you don’t miss one when you are looking for one. If you wish to lease a car in one-year’s time, sign up with a car rental agency of your choice and get updates regarding the seasonal deals. If you want to lease cars in Dubai right away, talk to the car rental agency and inquire about their fee structure and the available deals.
  • Compare deals:

    Don’t just settle for the first deal that you come across. Compare different deals offered by different car leasing companies and see what suits your budget the best. Various car rental agencies in Dubai provide myriad deals that include both short term and long term leasing options. It is very important that you understand your requirement and know what you want when you discuss your options with the agency consultant.
When it comes to leasing a car, the most important thing that you have to consider is your budget and financial situation. Is your financial health strong enough for leasing a car right now? If not, then look into other options, such as renting a car, to fulfill your current traveling requirements and put the leasing option on the side. If you feel like that you have no other choice but to lease a car, then make sure that you are transparent with your consultant so he can advise you an option that will work best for your situation.      

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