Common Driver Distractions and How to Avoid Them

Common Driver Distractions and How to Avoid Them

Along with speeding, drinking, and driver fatigue, distracted driving is one of the top four factors that lead to fatal car accidents in Dubai. More concerning is the fact that distracted driving incidents have been steadily rising ever since smartphones became an indispensable part of our daily lives. So, let us move on to understand the different types of distractions, which are categorized into four types. This will assure you a safe rent a car driving experience.

Cognitive Distraction

This type of distraction can cause drivers to lose focus on the road.

Using your phone for a call

Talking to passengers

Zoning out or daydreaming

Focusing on kids screaming

Stressing about work

Visualizing a meeting

Visual Distraction

This type of distraction causes drivers to take their eyes off the road.

Checking your phone

Focusing more on maps than the road

Changing the radio channel

Admiring the scenery

Audio Distraction

We don’t just use our eyes but also our ears when driving. Distraction to it can pose a threat.

Kids fighting

Babies crying

Loud Music

Exterior Noise

Physical Distraction

If any activity causes you to take your hands off the wheel, that too can be hazardous.

Using the infotainment system

Checking your phone

Picking something off the floor



Getting stuff from the back seat

Applying makeup

Tips To Maintain Focus On Driving

In order to ensure you’re ready to hit the road, endure your seat is in an optimal position, mirrors are adjusted, and your maps are already on. Apart from this, you should ensure your windows are clean for clear vision, the kids are seated, and you have your favorite music on. Now that you have understood all the causes, it would be best to follow all the tips before going ahead.