When you rent a car in Dubai or buy a car in Dubai, you always want to drive safely and not get yourself involve in any type of trouble. Quick Lease provides you tips for safe driving in Dubai which will help you to be safe on roads.

Maintain Safe distance

A large number of accidents happen every year due to non observance of safe distance between vehicles driving ahead of us. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead can not only save you from incurring traffic fines but also help to secure the safety of yourself, your passengers and fellow drivers on the road.

Maintain Lane Discipline

Changing lanes while driving in a discipline manner is another important aspect of safe driving. A large number of casualties occur every year due to sudden or careless manners of changing lanes. Observing lane discipline, the right use of caution and indicators while changing lanes can help avoid accidents as well as traffic fines. Hence, helping you ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers, as well as fellow drivers on the road.

Observe Speed limits

Over speeding has always been one of the main reasons for road accidents, resulting in fatalities as well as large number of deaths. Observing the speed limits mentioned clearly on road safety sign boards can help save you from paying heavy amounts in speeding fines. This will also help yourself and fellow drivers reach their loved ones safe and on time.

Observe use of Hazards

A large number of minor or major crashes can be avoided by using the hazards in case of sudden braking, especially while driving in the fast lane. Keeping an eye far ahead on the road / lane ahead, and indicating the driver behind you by use of hazards can help save crashes due to sudden braking.

Give way to Pedestrians

A large number of accidents occur due to motorists refusing to give way to pedestrians.You can give way by slowing down at zebra crossings. This will avoid accidents ensuring to save you from not only being penalized but also from becoming a cause of death or permanent disability to the fellow residents of the city. For more rules and regulations about safe driving in Dubai you can visit RTA.  You can also view our video of safe driving in Dubai here.

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