Your acquaintances may advise you to go with a car purchase if you have enough money; however, leasing has its list of benefits that make it worth your consideration. Signing a car lease could offer better flexibility when it comes to transportation solutions. To help you make that decision without scratching your head, we have gathered a list of questions to ask before signing a car lease.
  1. Should I go for short or long term lease?

    One of the most useful car leasing tips and tricks is to mind the time period when you rent or lease a car in Dubai. The time period of the lease mostly depends on your requirement; however, if during the period your feel like that you may want to extend, you will have to inform your company beforehand. Most auto lease companies offer flexible leasing period., a top tier auto lease provider offers the following 3 categories for short term and long term lease.
  • Mini Lease – 06 Months
  • Annual Lease – 12 Months
  • Long Lease – 24 Months
  1. What are the fees, including extra charges?

    Fees, including registration, usually depend on the rules and regulations of your auto leasing company. For example, offers a flexible and reasonable fee structure that includes no cancellation fees, amendment fees or credit card fees. Before you sign the lease agreement with your car hire Dubai company, inquire about the included fees that you will have to pay during the lease period and when you return the car.
  2. What is the residual value of the car?

    Before signing a car lease agreement, you must know that residual value defines the worth of the car at the end of the lease term.. It is recommended that you lease a car that offers high residual value. Ask your dealer to help you understand the residual value for different vehicle models to make a better choice.

    Does the contract allow flexible lease transfer to another owner?

    As mentioned-above, every auto lease provider has its terms and conditions. If during the lease period you want to change your car, or transfer your lease to somebody else, make sure to inquire about that before you sign the lease agreement.
  3. Is there a restricted limit for miles included?

    Some auto lease providers set a limit for miles incurred during the lease period. It is crucial that you get accurate information in the beginning of the lease period to ensure any rule violations.
When it comes to finding a vehicle for your every day travel needs, both leasing and renting offer substantial convenience. Do not make a car purchase decision abruptly; consider the factors that make leasing a best option for your current circumstances. The flexibility of leasing car for short or long term period with reasonable rates can cost you much less than purchasing a brand new car. Talk to your auto lease provider or dealer today to learn more about car lease.

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