Why you shouldn’t worry about the economic sense of vehicle leasing in Dubai There are a lot of questions that strike when making a decision about a car hire service, especially for those who have had no experience in leasing a car before. People who travel to Dubai or are first-timers for vehicle leasing and rental services in Dubai often find it hard to decide between different types of services. For those who are just traveling for a short term period, renting and leasing make more sense, but for those who are local residents, buying might be a better option. This post aims to clarify 5 doubts that you may have about leasing a vehicle in Dubai to help you make a better decision.
  1. Is 12-month leasing really better than buying a car?
As mentioned-above, leasing is not the only or last option for travelers. It can always be utilized according to your travel needs. For most tourists and local travelers who require a car for short period, such as 6 to 12 months, leasing makes more sense. However, if you are looking to have consistent transportation solution, buying a vehicle might be a better option than car hire service.
  1. What are the options if I lease a car?
You can lease a vehicle of your choice for a short term period and a long term period depending on your requirements. Companies like Quicklease.ae offer reliable vehicle leasing services that allow you to pick form an extensive fleet.
  1. Is the upfront cost of leasing worth it?
It is very crucial to remember here that leasing car is always worth it if it fulfills your requirements in given period of time. Buying a car is usually a better option if you are going to need a permanent solution for your everyday ay traveling needs. Again, leasing is a best option for those travelers who are looking to either have short term solution or looking to save the upfront costs. When buying a car you have to pay a hefty upfront payment.
  1. When can I sell my leased car?
You can sell you leased car at the end of the leasing period. The terms for selling your car will be started in your leasing agreement. However, it is important that you understand your requirements before you lease a vehicle.
  1. Is it true I can’t get out of the contract in the first year? Vehicle leasing companies offer various packages that are designed to fulfill the diverse needs of the customers. You can pick a short term or a long term lease period according to your needs. The requirements of the lease agreement depend on your mutual understanding with your leasing company. There are a couple of options if you want to end your lease early:
  • Trade your leased vehicle for another car
  • Transfer your leasing contract to somebody else
  • Purchase the car from your leasing company
Talk to your car hire company before making any decision and make sure that there is no confusion about the agreement or the terms and conditions.

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