Tips to Avoid Taking Wrong Routes When Driving at Night

Tips to Avoid Taking Wrong Routes When Driving at Night

One of the main reasons for the increase in driving accidents at night is the darkness of the air and the driver's limited visibility, in which case the driver's field of vision is limited to areas lit by vehicles. In the darkness of the night, all the objects are black or gray and it is very difficult to see them, that's why there is a possibility of an accident with various objects while driving at night. Vision problems are one of the most important challenges of driving at night, which worsens the driving situation. No matter how luxurious your car is, you still cannot face these challenges. Now, if you have your car booked from one of the reputable Luxury car hire in Dubai companies, the situation will be more difficult for you. Stay with us to learn about these risks.

Make Sure The Lights Are On

When driving, especially at night, clean the car windows completely. Also, make sure that the lights of the vehicle are healthy. Never shine your high beam towards another car that has a high beam itself, because it affects their visibility and other drivers negatively. Do not turn on the lights inside the car while driving at night. If you need to read a map, it is better to stop on the side of the road first.

Stay Focused

Move at a speed of about 15 to 20 km less than the daily speed. Also, pay attention to the front and driving and avoid activities that cause distraction such as using mobile phones, eating and drinking, etc. Driving at night requires a lot of concentration which can be tiring. To avoid fatigue, rest your eyes frequently to replenish lost energy.

Pay Attention To The Signs

Pay close attention to the signs, including the lines, signs, and lights of other cars. Take care not to stare at the lines and move your eyes occasionally. Staring at a point or drawn lines will make you sleepy while driving.

Adjust The Rear-View Mirror

Adjust your rearview mirror so that the lights of other cars are not reflected in it. The mirrors of most cars have two vision modes, night and day, which you can easily adjust to reduce light reflection.

Last Word

If you are using a luxury car rental in Dubai, remember to drive carefully. to save your life, you must follow safety tips to reach your destination safely. Also, don't forget that if you are going to drive for the first time on a road you have never been on, make your trip during the day to avoid possible dangers.