Safety Tips to Prevent Your Car From Catching Fire

Safety Tips to Prevent Your Car From Catching Fire

Every summer, there is a significant rise in the number of vehicles catching fire in Dubai. With the rising mercury in the region, every motorist is cautioned to take precautionary measures to avoid fire mishaps. The primary thing to consider while getting a car rental in Dubai is the vehicle's safety. Therefore, a car rental agency recommends specific safety tips to all the customers to enjoy a safe drive around the city. It is essential to safely handle the car, especially the rented car, and return it to the rental agency in the same condition you received. Every motorist should ensure that there is no technical issue with the rented vehicle, which could trigger fire accidents damaging the vehicle and several lives. Here are some safety tips to help you avoid fire mishaps while driving on the hottest roads in Dubai.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing helps maintain the car's good health with appropriate measures taken to ensure there is no technical issue in the vehicle. The car rental agencies in Dubai also check that all their vehicles are insured with timely checks and careful handling to avoid significant damages to people or the rented vehicle. Regular servicing will help ensure that the car doesn’t catch fire due to short circuits or improper wires.

Safety Checks Before Ignition

Loose oil lids are the primary reason for cars catching fire while driving. The battery gets heated up quickly in summer, and if there is excess oil spilling over the heated battery, it can cause a major fire outbreak. Therefore, every motorist must check all the vehicle components that may cause a fire. Your senses are the first defense against any significant mishap. Be alert if there is any notification from your senses on a vehicle's weird oil or burning smells.

Safety Tips to Prevent Your Car From Catching Fire

Have A Well-Stocked Kit

Stocking safety equipment is the best way to prepare for emergencies while driving long distances. When you hire a car in Dubai, check and ask for the safety equipment that is often provided with a car by most car renting agencies. Precaution is better than cure; therefore, take appropriate measures to avoid fire accidents while driving. Keep the fire-extinguisher in your car to tackle the situation if your car starts a fire.

Avoid Distractions

There are high chances of a car meeting with an accident if the driver is distracted or even doses off while driving. Sometimes head-on collisions occur, causing the engines to collide, significantly damaging the car and even causing a fire. Ensure to maintain your driving ethic for the safety of all traveling with you. Don’t distract yourself with things around or attend phone calls while driving. If you are drowsy, ensure to halt, get refreshed, and continue the journey.


While driving, if there is a fire breakout in the car, firstly, do not panic. Alert the drivers along the way by turning on hazard lights for the safety of those driving behind you. Safety measures are essential when you hire a luxury car in Dubai, which may prove to be an expensive affair. Therefore, ensure the safety of the vehicle while driving around the city.