There are a lot of car rental companies in Dubai, but not all offer the same services. Therefore, comparing prices before hiring a car is crucial to ensure you get the most affordable rate available.

First, you need to figure out what kind of car you need. For example, a more compact car should be enough for your needs if you travel to the city. On the other hand, if you want to go on a long drive, you will need a luxury car.

After you've settled on the brand and model of car that best suits your needs, it's time to start looking at other options. Utilising an online car rental service such as Quick Lease is the best approach for doing the job at hand. If you search online, you can compare the prices that every company in Dubai offers.

Make sure that you consider the rental term and the kind of vehicle you need when comparing prices. In addition, it would be best to assess any potential additional costs, such as those associated with insurance or mileage exceeding the limit. Finally, reserve your rental vehicle well before deciding which deal offers the greatest value. This will guarantee that you can rent the car of your choice when you need it to be accessible.

Quick Lease will be a great option to rent a car from, as we have different locations. Still, many car rental companies are located here, so you should be fine finding a good deal. Just compare rates and book in advance to get the best possible price.

Top Cars for Rent in Dubai

Looking for the best cars to rent in Dubai? Look no further than these top picks!


The Nissan Sunny is a popular choice for car rental in Dubai. With its sleek design, comfortable interior, and smooth performance, the Sunny is perfect for navigating the bustling city streets. Whether heading to a business meeting or exploring the city's attractions, this compact sedan offers a reliable and fuel-efficient ride.


The Nissan Micra is an excellent option if you're looking for a compact car that doesn't compromise on style or functionality. This nimble and agile car is ideal for zipping through Dubai's traffic. Its compact size makes parking a breeze, while its spacious cabin ensures a comfortable ride for the driver and passengers. Moreover, with its impressive fuel efficiency and user-friendly features, the Micra is a reliable companion for your Dubai adventures.


The Chevrolet Spark is a popular choice for those seeking an affordable and efficient rental car in Dubai. This compact hatchback may be small, but it packs a performance punch. Its compact dimensions make it easy to manoeuvre the city's busy streets and find parking in tight spaces. Inside, the Spark offers a surprisingly spacious, comfortable cabin and modern tech features that enhance your driving experience.


Hyundai Accent is the best option if you want value and reliability. This compact sedan combines fuel efficiency, comfort, and style into one impressive package. The Accent provides a secure and enjoyable driving experience with its smooth handling and responsive engine. In addition, the interior offers ample space for passengers and luggage, making it an excellent choice for city commutes and long road trips. Plus, the Accent's sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your travels in Dubai.


The Nissan Kicks is a popular crossover choice for those seeking a versatile and stylish rental car in Dubai. With its eye-catching design, spacious interior, and comfortable seating, the Kicks is perfect for urban adventures and out-of-town excursions. Its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre through Dubai's crowded streets, while its high ground clearance allows you to tackle rough terrains easily. Moreover, the Nissan Kicks ensures a safe and enjoyable journey with advanced safety features and modern technology.


If you plan to explore Dubai's surrounding areas, the Hyundai Creta is an excellent rental car option. This compact SUV offers a perfect balance of style, versatility, and capability. With its robust build, ample cargo space, and comfortable seating, the Creta can easily accommodate your entire family and their luggage. In addition, its smooth ride, advanced safety features, and user-friendly technology make it an ideal choice for city driving and off-road adventures. With the Hyundai Creta, you can explore Dubai and beyond with confidence and comfort.


The Mitsubishi Attrage is a compact sedan that combines practicality, fuel efficiency, and affordability, making it a smart choice for car rental in Dubai. With its compact size and tight turning radius, the Attrage can easily manoeuvre through the city's busy streets and navigate parking spaces. Inside, the cabin offers a comfortable and well-designed environment for the driver and passengers. In addition, Attrage's efficient engine ensures you can explore Dubai's attractions without breaking the bank on fuel costs.