Why Car Leasing is a better option for you

The last decade reportedly saw a sudden rise in car leasing services in UAE. Research shows that more than 23% of the population in Dubai drives leased vehicles. This sudden surge in leasing can be easily attributed to the sputtering economical environment that drove hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to the capital of UAE. The escalating economy always brings a sudden up rise in services like car hire in Dubai as the demand for convenient transportation rises. Regardless of the fact that car rental and leasing services are thriving in Dubai, many auto dealers try to lure car enthusiasts with sales incentives and reduced sale prices. However, auto industry experts believe that car leasing makes more sense and will always be a preferable option for car enthusiasts. Scroll below to find out why.

Car leasing offers flexibility:

Leasing a car for a six months period for an affordable rate sounds much better than buying a car at a hefty upfront cost. Car hire Dubai services like Quick Lease provide various vehicle leasing options for car enthusiasts who love the scent of a brand new car and prefer short leasing terms. If you are one of those car enthusiasts who like to ride in a brand new car every year or so, then leasing is a definite option for you. You can choose to lease a vehicle according to your personal requirements. Quick Lease offers 2 main categories for a leasing a car: a 6-month lease and a 12-month lease; choosing anyone of the mentioned categories mean that you have the flexibility to change your car for a new model.

Car leasing is generally cheap:

leasing a car for a certain time period is always cheaper than paying an upfront price tag fee for a brand new car. Auto industry research shows that people who lease cars every two years manage to save more on maintenance than those who utilize a purchased vehicle for period longer than 5 years. So, it is not just the upfront payment that costs you in the long run; it’s the overall cost of purchasing and maintaining a vehicle. With leasing you save a buck load of money on annual and regular vehicle repair and maintenance.

Leasing is fun:

The idea of cruising around in a 5-year-old purchased vehicle with bumps and scratches does not sound very tempting. If you can enjoy your favorite car model every year then why spend on purchasing a vehicle? Leasing gives you the opportunity to ride in a brand new model of your favorite vehicle with the option to replace it with another new model. With a purchased vehicle, you do not have the same flexibility, which is probably why most of the travelers and car enthusiasts prefer leasing over purchasing. Myriad car leasing companies in Dubai offer tremendous car leasing packages that you can try to have an enjoyable vehicle experience. Contact your local car lease service provider and learn more about how you can fulfill your travel needs through leasing a car in Dubai.  

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